Useless info

Here we go. This is Adhara's fanlisting collective. I'm Adhara, Spanish, female, 20-something and above all things, fan. A fanlisting is a list of fans who love a person/movie/book/whatever. And a fanlisting collective, like this one, is a site with no other meaning than listing the fanlistings I own.

The name, 'Better than diamonds', came up when I was thinking what could be the title for this site. I needed something referring to love, and suddenly found myself humming To you I bestow, by Mundy, from the Romeo+Juliet original soundtrack.

Well you may not see me when you come back
I could be sharing someone elses pillow
My love for you is better than diamonds
To you everything I bestow

The phrase was too long to be a good title, so I shortened it to Better than diamonds. Though I tried repeteadly to include the previous words 'My love for you is...' in the current layout, I finally gave up.

Layout info: it's an Angelina Jolie picture. Really, I swear it. I love it because it's not the usual Angelina Jolie pic with her oozing sex-appeal (though I love these ones, I can tell you), but it shows her in her more sweet face, with her son Maddox. It just screamed 'LOVE' to me. It's edited with Adobe Photoshop 7.0, the sections font is DeathStruggle, and the title one Malapropism. Fireworks, Dreamweaver and the lovely Notepad were used as well.

Better than Diamonds is hosted at I bough the domain at NameCheap, and the host at Surpasshosting. I love them so far, they're cheap and nice.

Any question, comment? Mail me.